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P1P20-006 - Absolute or incremental


Display touch 5" colours
1-axis control via analog +/-10VDC
Manage multiple levels of password access for operator, maintainer and installer
Management of work programs identified by a number and name
Touchscreen features for data introductions and button actions
Messaging support to the operator
Alarms Messaging
Diagnostic pages
Special cycle with two feeds


The application P1P20F-006, installed in the hardware Qmove J1-P20-FS20/TW1, is an analogue positioner that works on positive and negative dimensions, with the possibility of setting the type of positioning (absolute or incremental). At each step can be associated (if enabled) a totalizer that can be configured as counter or piece counter of the quota in use. The restart, zeroing count, increment step, can be configured so that their operation is automatic or managed by inputs. It has a series of manual functions (introduction of a value on the counting, manual movements etc...) To facilitate the calibration phases and allow the operator to intervene on the positioning system. It also has a function that allows to carry out shifts to the Delta dimensions (D), useful for example in the management of a hacksaw, for the deviation of the mobile feedback during the cut. The instrument adapts to an extreme variety of applications, being able to manage, for example, axes with linear or circular movements, unwinding and cutting of materials, rotating tables, etc.

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