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QEM was founded in the year 1977 when it started the production of electronic instruments dedicated to meet the needs of industrial automation.
In These forty years, has always had an target, to realize hardware and software to measure, in order to provide a complete service to the customer.

The experience accumulated over time and the know-how acquired, have allowed him to produce instrumentation with high technological content and to specialize in Motion Control. He has developed products and software suitable for the most special requests:

  • Mechanical mounting area

  • Cartesian robot

  • Packaging

  • Bending

  • Orbital, rotative and linear flycut

  • Engraving

  • Stone Processing and Ceramics

  • Centrifuges for water purification or oil production,

  • Purification of dialysis water

  • etc.


QEM, with its expertise in electronics and industrial automation, is proud to become a partner of the biggest machine manufacturers.