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HM207.02A - Speed visualizer


DIN 48x96mm
Comparison outputs management
Visualization set
Operation directly or inversely proportional to the input frequency
Frequency range: 0.001¸9999.99 Hz
Digital filters for frequency input


HM207.02A is a speed visualizer which provides a comparison with established alarm thresholds and activates the corresponding output. Speed is drawn by measuring with accuracy the time interval between 2 pulses, in order to grant a high resolution also at the low frequencies. It’s possible to display a decimal or sexagesimal value, in direct or inverse proportionality to the input frequency. The instrument is suitable for a wide variety of applications where a speed or a time value has to be displayed. In particular this instrument has already been used in the marble sector (blocks cuttering, bridge milling and looms), in the paper and plastic application fields. In the tunnel owens for drying or quenching, this instrument is being used to display the time the material takes to transit into the owen: this time is in inverse proportionality to its speed.

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