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HA217.02A - Analog inputs


DIN 48x96mm
Multifunctional digital inputs
Digital outputs of comparison
Self-learning/Data-entry linearizzation from 1 to 9 segments
I/O diagnostic


The HA217.02A is a digital visualizer with galvanically isolated analog input (potentiometer, current, voltage) linearizzabile from 1 to 9 segments. Captures signals 1/40000 resolution and accuracy of 0.05% of full scale, converting it to a value that is shown on the display. It allows easy calibration and has two comparison thresholds to activate 2 timed outputs. The instrument adapts to an extreme variety of applications that need to display a measure or read a size from ananalog type sensor and activate alarm outputs. It has already been applied: marble, wood, metals, glass, etc. applications.

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