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P1P20FH20-001 - 19 working heads


Display touch 5" colours
Sequential controls start up of motors
Setting up advances and working delays
Processing up to 30 contemporary pieces

The P1P20FH20 - 001 softwarerealizes the automation of sanding / smoothing machines
  • the instrument controls 19 working heads
  • controls sequential start up of motors (to limit excessive current demand)
  • manages the bridge's displacement
  • for each machining head you can set advance and delays both at the beginning and at the end of the workpiece
  • the sanding / lowering commands of the sanding heads are automatically calculated as the speed of the conveyor belt
  • the instrument counts the machined meters and is able to work up to 30 pieces simultaneously in the machine
  • HMI with touchscreen
  • Function keys
  • WOrking programs
  • Alarm messages
  • Warning messages
  • Reset of defective parts
  • Reset of the all pieces in working
  • Compensation of offset of the presence limith switch
  • Mode of heads working:
    1. Sanding
    2. Milling
    3. Grinding
    4. Brushing
    5. Water jet